Knimbus eLibrary Portal

Central Library is using Knimbus eLibrary portal since April 2020, which provides their users all the knowledge available through the library on any device from anywhere.  Knimbus platform is acomplete Digital library that provides all library services through a single platform rather than just being a list of links to separate publisher platforms. The embedded remote access feature of Knimbus makes all resource links in the eLibrary including A-Z eCatalog, Browse, Search and Remote Access pages work seamlessly whether the user is on campus or somewhere else and requires zero setup by the users.

The Mobile eLibrary App mLibrary offers a multi-format, content delivery App for users to consume eBook collections, eCourse materials, latest journal issues and multimedia learning content.Patrons can access the entire library on their smart phone from anywhere, at anytime. The Mobile eLibary App integrate the OPAC records so that patrons can check the availability of physicalbooks. Knimbus Mobile App is available for both Android and iOS. A smartphone with internet connectivity is required to use the Mobile App.

Knimbus eLibrary is a cloud-based solution. Users require a good internet connectivity. Knimbus eLibrary Platform is built using leading edge frameworks like parallel processing and open source tools to ensure tremendous performance, responsiveness, scalability and user friendliness.

How to Register for Remote Access?:

The faculty members, staff and students can register for Remote Access facility by sending an email to <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>. Kindly note that only email IDs with "" or "" domains will be registered for remote access facility. Please note that your NITK email ID is itself your Username and Password you will get after registration. Once registration is completed, you can visit the following website to access all the e-resources subscribed by the library like IEEE, Science Direct, Scopus etc.

Please visit the Remote Access Website at :

Please Download & Refer the User Manual on How to Use Remote Access: Click here to Download


Remote Access on Mobile App mLibrary:

Once you register for the remote access and get the login credentials, you may download the Knimbus m-Library App from Google play store and Apple Store.




Contact Following Library Team for more details.

        Digital Service Team
        Ph: (0824) 247 3846   e-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.