Borrowing of Materials:

Library provides general access to  collection and a full range of loan services. These services include issue of materials from the circulating collections, checking in returned materials, and shelving of reading materials.

Circulation Policies:

Borrowing of reading materials facility is available to the faculty, researchers, students and staff of the Institute. The registration to use the library facility and services is automatic for the faculty and staff on joining the Institute and for students on registration for the academic programs.


The faculty members, staff & students of the Institute are required to enroll as members of the Library (upon joining the Institute) by filling in the membership form available at the library circulation desk (along with a passport size photograph). This entitles the use of resources & services offered for the purpose of academic and research work.

Borrowing Privileges:

Type of User  No. of Books  Period
Faculty Members  30 1 Year
Non-Teaching Staff 20 30 days
Research Scholars  5  1 Semester
Post Graduate Students  4  15 days
Under Graduate Students  4  15 days


Late Fee (applies to UG & PG categories of users)

General Books. (Rs.1.00 per day)

Library remains closed on Institute holidays:

  • 26th January : Republic Day
  • 15th August : Independence Day
  • 2nd October : Gandhi Jayanti


The library will usually send e-mail reminders to members for the overdue items, but non-receipt of reminders is no reason for returning books late.  

Late fee:

Overdue/Fine are charged to the members as per the details given in the Borrower Privileges table.  The issue facility shall be suspended, if the net accumulated late fee exceeds Rs. 500/-. User account will be activated again, once the late fee is paid, and the books are returned.


Library materials can be renewed, if there are no reservations on them by other users. Same materials will not be renewed more than twice. Borrower has to bring the material physically to the Library for renewal.


Library staff may recall a book at any time before it’s due date. It is mandatory to return the book(s) when it is recalled. The overdue charges may be increased for failure to return a book, when it is due or recalled. 

Loss of / Damage to Library Materials:

Loss of book(s) must be reported immediately. Overdue fine, if any will be charged till the loss of book(s) is reported. If the original book is returned after reporting it lost, the fine will be calculated till the date of its return. Borrower will have to replace the book, if lost/damaged with latest edition within 45 days from reporting, along with overdue charges. If the lost book is out of print, and if the borrower is unable to replace it, he/she will have to pay double the prevailing cost of the book.

Personal Books:

Members are NOT allowed to bring in their personal books and other reading materials inside the Library.