About Central Library:

The NITK Central Library established in the year 1960 along with the institute. It is housed  with modern facilities and offers automated library services to its clientele comprising of about 7000 users namely undergraduate and postgraduate students, research scholars, faculty members and supporting staff of various departments of the institute. The library also gives the facility of institution membership to educational institutes and industries located in and around Mangalore. This Library is located in an independent building with a carpet area of 2759 sq meters in the centre of the Campus on the eastern side and it can accommodate more than 500 students/users at a time.

Book Bank Facility:

The Book Bank facility for all students consists of multiple copies of textbooks. The books are lent to all students for home reading for 30 days. Every year multiple copies are added to the Book-Bank. The are about 23,000 books in the Book Bank collection.

Special collection for SC/ST students:

The students can borrow up to 5 books from this collection for a period of one semester. The Library issues a circular in the beginning of every semester and the eligible students may apply to avail as per the schedule announced by the Library.